What is left out of a product is just as important as what goes in, and the Rootz Energizing-Superfood only contains the cleanest ingredients available. After giving the this product a try, you will never want to go back to sugar and chemical filled energy drinks. Our Energizing-Superfood is a blend of natural superfoods, plants, and herbs that will give you a non-jittery and focused energy boost any time you need a little pick me up—before exercise, in the middle of the day at work, or even in the morning instead of coffee! The Rootz Energizer is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and contains plant-based energy enhancers that will have you looking, feeling, and performing your absolute best.


Energy and Strength Blend
Yerba Mate Extract, Guarana, Tongkat Ali Root, Rhodiola, Schizandra Berry, Asian Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba

Metabolism Stimulation Blend
Raspberry, Lemon, Matcha Green Tea, Yohimbe Bark

Vascularity and Anti-Inflammation Blend
Beetroot, Turmeric, Ginger, Devils Claw, Cinnamon

Superfood Blend
Goji Berry, Blueberry, Acai, Maca Root, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly

Other Ingredients
Stevia Leaf, Natural Vanilla Extract

Allergen Warning
This product is manufactured in a facility that handles egg, nuts (only coconut), and bee products

Product Overview:

  • Energizing-Superfood powder made from real, wholesome foods.
  • Our Energizing-Superfood is a blend of natural herbal energy enhancers and superfoods that provide a sustained, non jittery energy boost and promote a feeling of wellbeing.
  • Can be taken at any time during the day when you want to feel and perform your best: Instead of coffee in the morning, before exercise, for a midday boost at work, or even before studying!
  • What to expect: enhanced energy, mental clarity, no “brain fog”, increased strength, and an improved mood.
  • Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Soy Free/Non-GMO/No Sugar Added/No Artificial Ingredients/No “Natural Flavors”/Keto Friendly/100% Paleo Approved

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