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Rachael DeVaux

Founder of Rachael’s Good Eats

When making the switch to natural supplements after several years using conventional junk-filled supplements, I was so happy to come across Rootz, a company that is free of artificial chemicals and fillers. Their energizer gives me the burst of energy I need without any jitters and I've found the protein powder to be one of the only powders that doesn't upset my stomach. I continue to recommend Rootz to anyone looking for healthy nutritional supplements!

Candace Moore

Founder and CEO of Yoga by Candace, author of Namaslay

 I have always avoided protein powders because they are so often loaded with fillers that irritate my stomach. When I read the ingredients label for this protein, I immediately gave it a try because it doesn't contain ANY junk. Every single ingredient is high quality, real, whole food, and it tastes absolutely delicious. I love this company so much!

Ben Greenfield

Founder and CEO of Ben Greenfield Fitness

This protein powder tastes like banana bread… this stuff tastes amazing. You could just stick a spoon in the protein powder and eat a spoonful of it!

Jordan Younger

Founder of The Balanced Blonde

I am a huge fan of paleo protein powders but they have to hit a lot of staples for me. Non-GMO, no fillers or artificial flavors, organic, low sugar... the list goes on. Rootz hits all of my staples and then some, and it actually tastes amazing! Huge supporter over here.

Mike Bledsoe

Founder and CEO of Barbell Shrugged

In search of a healthy, dairy free, protein I stumbled upon Rootz. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much care they put into developing a product that is clean and has a lot of the ingredients I had a hard time putting into my diet otherwise. This has become a staple in my supplement cupboard and a daily dose in my morning smoothie.

Jenn Bumb

Founder of Pretend it’s a Donut

Rootz is hands down the best there is! As a busy mom of 5, Rootz helps me stay active with my kids and helps with my fitness goals. The real, wholesome foods that go into their product are key for our lifestyle!

Amanda Torres

Founder of The Curious Coconut

I am so in love with Rootz Nutrition! The Protein-Superfood powder packs in a truly impressive array of nutrient-dense ingredients with NO fillers. This is an incredibly high-quality supplement! The best part: no whey protein in sight here! Whether you are a gym junkie or just looking for high quality supplements to boost your diet, you'll be so glad you tried Rootz!


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