The Perfect Full Body Warmup for Any Workout

Written by Harrison Levy — October 25, 2016

One of the most overlooked aspects of training is the warmup. A proper warmup decreases the risk of injury, increases range of motion during a workout, and primes the muscles and heart for the stress they are about to endure.

Below is a full body warmup consisting of dynamic movements that will leave no muscle untouched, and have your whole body feeling supple and energized for the work to come:

12 lunge
12 side lunge
12 air squat
12 pushup
6 inch worm
12 single leg touch down (per side)
12 push-up side plank
12 lying glute-ham raise
12 ab mat situp
12 bird dog (per side)
12 mountain climber
12 side to side jump
12 front to back jump

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