A: Most people find that it is best served with around 12 oz of almond milk. However, many people love to take it with water or an alternate nut milk of their choice. Also, it’s a great addition to smoothies, and great to bake with as well!

A: A lot of people find that they actually save money with our Protein-Superfood because it blends a greens powder, protein powder, and other superfoods all in one. Instead of having to buy all of these supplements separately, you can find all of them in this product!

A: Sacha inchi is a seed from Peru that is a complete protein. It looks and tastes like a nut, and is one of the predominant flavors in our protein powder. People with nut allergies are OK to have sacha inchi, as it is a seed, not a nut.

A: The stevia we use is 100% ground up stevia leaf with absolutely nothing else added. Additionally, we use an extremely small amount, so you get a hint of added sweetness without the bitter aftertaste.

A: It doesn't matter if you are a professional athlete who trains for hours every day or a busy mom who is looking for convenient, healthy on the go food options-- If you are looking to eat healthier and have more energy, we think you will love Rootz.